2022 Character Creation Challenge (2022/01 CCC)

Hello readers! My output in the latter portion of 2021 slowed down for all sorts of life reasons, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the groove and bringing you a pile of new reviews, along with a project I meant to get to, and some new features that expand the scope of the … Continue reading 2022 Character Creation Challenge (2022/01 CCC)

RPG Reviews – Sigil & Shadow (Osprey Games)

I started reading Stephen King at 11, Charles de Lint at 12 or 13, and started playing White Wolf games at 14. The modern supernatural horror/fantasy genre has been a fascination of mine for almost 30 years and with good reason! It's a compelling concept, that of a shadow world alongside ours, populated by monsters, … Continue reading RPG Reviews – Sigil & Shadow (Osprey Games)

RPG Reviews – The Contagion Chronicle

The Contagion Chronicle (Onyx Path Publishing) My first experience in crossover gaming in the modern supernatural horror genre came from playing on World of Darkness MUSHes. For the unfamiliar, they were text-based games, with computer-coded rules, that operated a little like an online LARP. You would create a character, log in, chat and interact with … Continue reading RPG Reviews – The Contagion Chronicle