2022 Character Creation Challenge (2022/01 CCC)

Hello readers! My output in the latter portion of 2021 slowed down for all sorts of life reasons, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the groove and bringing you a pile of new reviews, along with a project I meant to get to, and some new features that expand the scope of the … Continue reading 2022 Character Creation Challenge (2022/01 CCC)

RPG Reviews – World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters (Onyx Path Publishing)

A friend once asked me what I thought the hardest game to play was. It only took the time required to type “Wraith: The Oblivion” to provide an answer. I didn’t mean that it’s unplayable - I’ve played it and loved it - I just meant that the core concept and setting, supported by the … Continue reading RPG Reviews – World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters (Onyx Path Publishing)

RPG Reviews – The Contagion Chronicle

The Contagion Chronicle (Onyx Path Publishing) My first experience in crossover gaming in the modern supernatural horror genre came from playing on World of Darkness MUSHes. For the unfamiliar, they were text-based games, with computer-coded rules, that operated a little like an online LARP. You would create a character, log in, chat and interact with … Continue reading RPG Reviews – The Contagion Chronicle

RPG Reviews – Cypher System Rulebook

Cypher System Rulebook The world was first introduced to Monte Cook Games’ Cypher System in the original Numenera game. This far (far!) future science-fantasy world presented combative Glaives (Warriors), inquisitive Nanos (“wizards”), and wily Jacks (Rogue-types), who explored the Ninth World looking for the Numenera - items of legend and the past. These came in … Continue reading RPG Reviews – Cypher System Rulebook