RPG Reviews

My review philosophy is relatively standard, I presume. I’m still working out a formula for layout, but in terms of content I aim for an objective overview of the game system and setting (if one is present), with the purpose of giving the reader a reasonable preview of the content.

If there are elements that don’t fully appeal to me I have made an effort to examine their merits in context of the work as a whole and leave any subjective commentary out of the review.

Of course there may be times where I do feel like voicing my opinion, and I’ll make every effort to justify it and still present what I believe to be the intended purpose of the contentious point. I understand and acknowledge just how much work goes into these products.

Hope you enjoy and find them useful and/or insightful! If you want to help put the site, visit the below Affiliate links and make a purchase. A small commission goes my way at no extra cost to you!

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