About Me

I’ve been gaming for the majority of my life.

Even prior to discovering actual RPGs, make-believe was my favorite game, and medieval legos and Playmobil were my miniatures. My bedtime stories were Greek and Arthurian myths, and even though I didn’t know what I was doing at the time, the D&D red box was a revelation, opening a gateway to new worlds and new adventures.

Over almost thirty years I’ve been privileged to participate in games with many great players and gamemasters. I’ve played many systems in many genres, I’ve read even more, and refined my personal tastes to know what I want out of a system.

That being said I still get very excited over a new approach to gaming or a new presentation – if there’s one thing I’ve discovered about RPGs in all this time is that I’m always learning something new, and there’s always a new way to play.

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