2022 Character Creation Challenge (2022/01 CCC)

Hello readers! My output in the latter portion of 2021 slowed down for all sorts of life reasons, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the groove and bringing you a pile of new reviews, along with a project I meant to get to, and some new features that expand the scope of the blog!

To help get me back into writing regularly, I’ve decided to participate in the January Character Creation Challenge on Twitter. Each day I’ll post a newly generated character for a game I play, or want to play.

Thankfully with a number of online character creators out there, some of these will be easier, so I’ll start with them while I work on the more manual processes, so these will be in no particular order. It’ll be interesting, because I know I gravitate towards certain character types, and will therefore try to vary it up to keep things interesting.

Here’s to a 2022 that doesn’t descend deeper into darkness and sees positive changes in the gaming community and the world. Much love to you all (except the fash.)

Here’s the first character, for Modiphius’ Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition!



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