2022/01 CCC #1 Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition

I discovered the Mutant Chronicles universe when I was 11 or 12 through the game Warzone. Already a Warhammer 40K player, the more identifiable earth-aspects of the setting were a draw, but I never got too deep into the game and never played the RPG (though I wanted to.)

When Modiphius published the third edition I was very excited to try it out and when I finally did I loved it. It’s version of the 2d20 system (the first version) leaves the crunch in the right spots and uses modern narrative techniques to reduce cumbersome concepts like ammo count and movement/distance/positions. It’s also got a great mechanic in the GM-facing Dark Symmetry pool, allowing them to mess with the PCs and exhibit the encroaching darkness of the setting.

My full review is at the link below, so let’s get on to character creation!


I’m using the generator at http://mc.modiphiusapps.hostinguk.org, which I played around with for a while before actually getting the game. I’m going to use the standard random method with all books and set in the Dark Legion (default) era.

No Life Point spends to initially adjust Attributes, Faction rolled is Freelancer with Bauhaus heritage, so he’s descended from the noble-family-run Megacorporation known for efficiency and “everyone has their place” philosophy, but he works for himself. Since the MegaCorps are a bunch of bastards, this is nice as he’s not beholden to their bullshit. I’ll be making selections along the LifePath to suit that.

He gets Faction skill choices from Bauhaus and Freelancer, so I put points in Education and Mechanics and make Education his first Signature Skill, which is universally handy. Status is Commoner, boosting Physique and Strength and the Survival Skill, and I choose a military-issue wristwatch as an item of choice – perhaps from a relative who served in the Bauhaus forces.

He’s born in the Heritage Hotspot of Volksburg on Venus. This city is built near the Citadel of Alakhai, dedicated to Algeroth, and is therefore extremely fortified, with a Brotherhood Cathedral in the center. I think I’m going to start trying to nudge him in a Brotherhood direction as a result. Volksburg is full of pilgrims and apocalyptic cults – no real surprise. Statistically this boosts his Agility and Physique, raises his Acrobatics, and I take a Basic Medkit as an item.

For education I spend a Life Point and take “Brotherhood Educated” as it makes a lot of sense in his environment. This raises almost all of my Attributes, with the highest raise going to Mental Strength. My Skill raises are based around knowledge, perception, and mental fortitude and as electives I choose Athletics and Close Combat, since he might need the help living in Volksburg. I take the Talent “Stubborn”, allowing a reroll on Willpower tests, and get a set of corporate-quality clothing and a small symbol of the Brotherhood.

As an Adolescent Event I get a Mutation – something insignificant I can do that makes certain social Tests more difficult if people see me do it. I think he can make his eyes glow – because that’s cool.

For Primary Career I want something combat-oriented, so choose Military (Basic). Nothing special – just a trooper in the Bauhaus army. Naturally physical Attributes are increased, as are combat Skills, and I take Survival and Acrobatics as electives. For a Signature I take Ranged Weapons in order to raise it again and the Talent Sniper, which lets me reroll some damage dice. I get a Ballistic nylon military uniform and medium military shoulder pads. It’s about time I got some shoulder pads – this is Mutant Chronicles after all!

My Career Event is interesting – I was friends with a Heretic or Rebel and when asked for help in arresting them, I covered, so am owed a favour now. I spent a Life point to reroll there, since I didn’t like the Paranoia trait I got before.

Now, second round for Career. I’m going to aim for an Iconic Career, specifically Doomtrooper, so I can bring the fight to the Dark Legion. I spend a life point to lower the entry difficulty of 3, roll against Willpower of 12, and succeed! Iconic Careers aren’t a guaranteed entry but they come with major advances, including allowing me access to the Mysticism skill. I take Close Combat as a Signature skill – my combat skills are getting pretty good. I get three Talents and choose Spiritual Understanding for Mysticism, Through and Through for Ranged Weapons – letting me attack more people with cheaper Momentum spends, and Spiritual Armour for Mysticism, allowing increased protection against supernatural effects. I get three items of equipment and choose Guardsman Mk3 Armour – standard issue to Bauhausian Doomtroopers, an AG-19 Kampfkanone Assault Rifle, and a Templar Sword for getting in close with the Dark Legion. It says any three items, so I think these are all legal.

My Career Event this time is interesting! Marooned in space! It adds a year to my age and gives me the Trait Space Sickness, so I guess I’ll hug land primarily after that year in the void.

While I could pick a new career after this, I think I’m good and choose to finish. I have one more Life Point, which I convert to an Observation skill point then in my Final Tweaks raise my Coordination by two, so I’m better with ranged combat and such, then put a point of Focus in Ranged Weapons and Expertise in Unarmed Combat (since I don’t have any points in it.) I get one more Talent, so I select Jaded – increasing his Mental Wounds after his year in space.

And finished! I’ve got a pretty fun looking character with some interesting flaws and features, ready to take on the Dark Legion!

Click here for day 2: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4E!


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