RPG Reviews – Liminal: Pax Londinium

Magician’s clubs, bridge trolls, and ghosts on the Thames...welcome to the Hidden World of the Pax Londinium. Paul Mitchener’s Liminal is a modern fantasy/horror game rooted in the folklore and locales of the British Isles. It’s a great game, with a really lovely vibe, and strongly focused on its geography. As someone who doesn’t live … Continue reading RPG Reviews – Liminal: Pax Londinium

RPG Reviews – Legendlore (Manuscript Preview)

I've never played myself in a roleplaying game. Sure, I've inserted elements of my personality, consciously or unconsciously, as we all do, but playing Me as a character is a step I've never taken. Perhaps in part I'm self-conscious about accuracy or don't feel I would best represent myself in the situations in which an … Continue reading RPG Reviews – Legendlore (Manuscript Preview)

RPG Reviews – Vampire: The Requiem – Night Horrors: Spilled Blood

Vampire: The Requiem - Night Horrors: Spilled Blood Night Horrors: Spilled Blood reminds me why I like Vampire: The Requiem so much. I have a great fondness and nostalgia for its ancestor game, the newest edition of which is probably the best incarnation, but it will always be tied to its setting and metaplot. Requiem, … Continue reading RPG Reviews – Vampire: The Requiem – Night Horrors: Spilled Blood

RPG Reviews – Cypher System Rulebook

Cypher System Rulebook The world was first introduced to Monte Cook Games’ Cypher System in the original Numenera game. This far (far!) future science-fantasy world presented combative Glaives (Warriors), inquisitive Nanos (“wizards”), and wily Jacks (Rogue-types), who explored the Ninth World looking for the Numenera - items of legend and the past. These came in … Continue reading RPG Reviews – Cypher System Rulebook

RPG Reviews – Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook (Star Trek Adventures)

Star Trek Adventures: Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook Though Star Trek: The Next Generation is probably my favorite of the Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine comes a very close second. It expanded and developed actual life in the universe beyond the Federation and told long story arcs about faith, determination, family, and standing up for noble … Continue reading RPG Reviews – Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook (Star Trek Adventures)