RPG Reviews – The Contagion Chronicle

The Contagion Chronicle (Onyx Path Publishing) My first experience in crossover gaming in the modern supernatural horror genre came from playing on World of Darkness MUSHes. For the unfamiliar, they were text-based games, with computer-coded rules, that operated a little like an online LARP. You would create a character, log in, chat and interact with … Continue reading RPG Reviews – The Contagion Chronicle

RPG Reviews – Against the Darkmaster

Against the Darkmaster - Open Ended Games The Quickstart for Against the Darkmaster was one of the first reviews I did for this site. In it I talked about my history and feelings about the game’s ancestors and lamented my loss of my copy of Middle-Earth Roleplaying (currently accepting donations from any kind souls - … Continue reading RPG Reviews – Against the Darkmaster

RPG Reviews – Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad (Scarred Lands)

In much the same fashion as the Vigil Watch series, Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad helps flesh out the continent of Ghelspad in the Scarred Lands. Where the Vigil Watch focuses more on setting, Yugman’s Guide is exclusively player character mechanics: Races, Class Archetypes, Backgrounds, Gear, and Spells. Each Part is between 18-21 pages including cover … Continue reading RPG Reviews – Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad (Scarred Lands)

RPG Reviews – Scarred Lands Player’s Guide

Scarred Lands Player’s Guide (Onyx Path Publishing) If you were around during the release of D&D 3rd edition, then the name "Scarred Lands" may be very familiar. Sneaking in just before the release of the Monster Manual, and taking advantage of the new Open Gaming License, White Wolf Game Studios released their Creature Collection - … Continue reading RPG Reviews – Scarred Lands Player’s Guide